My first advertising gigs were production projects for agencies like Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners and Resonate Social.

RESONATE SOCIAL was one of the first Social Media Agencies on the West Coast. GOODBY was the coolest ad agency in town.

That was when you could still get organic traction. My social clients included CLOVER STORNETTA ORGANIC MILK with their infamous Clo The Cow campaigns (dairying to be as great as the Moona Lisa). Not to mention, GEORGE HOWELL COFFEE, old school founder of the single origin coffee movement.

I acted as Marketing and Social Media manager for legendary San Francisco architectural and landscape design firm PAXTON GATE. All while building my own startup, ARTLARKING—an online creative-classifieds where artists collaborated on projects of any medium. We threw sold-out art and entertainment events in galleries and clubs around San Francisco. Artlarking Co-Founders went on to develop Flipcause, an integrated fundraising platform for non-profits.

Meanwhile, I moved to New York City to work with BETAWORKS on the VIBE APP, an anonymous twitter-like mobile application that allowed users to communicate to the community restrained by distance. You could set your perimeter to a few feet to communicate solely to people in the same room. We got coverage in the NEW YORK TIMES as Occupy Wall Street protesters found the app ideal for communicating to each other in large crowds. Betaworks bought the technology and used it other apps. I got recruited to socially amplify OCCUPY.COM, a media project documenting the movement with beautiful imagery, funded by Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry's.

While in New York, I worked with several fashion companies, including CARRIE HAMMER—the first fashion company to feature disabled models during New York Fashion Week—and HOUSE OF 950, a fashion house with designers formerly at Bless and Thakoon.

In addition, I consulted I worked in PR outreach and list building for Consciousness Magazine, REALITY SANDWICH, where you can find an article or two of mine.

Back in Los Angeles, my clients expanded to include 3 SISTERS PICTURES, a group of producers for HBO, Discover, and National Geographic.

I'm proud of my work with THE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ALLIANCE (IEA), the group behind THE GLOBAL INVESTMENT SYMPOSIUM, an annual event that occurs officially during the UN General Assembly in New York City.

I managed their email marketing, copywriting, and developed their programming for multiple Global Investment Symposiums featuring several Presidents and Prime Ministers of foreign nation states. Our targeted outreach acquired speakers such as Nicholas Berggruen of the Berggruen Institute and Stephen Kennedy Smith, of the Kennedy Family Trust, among other names.

I collaborated directly on programming and copy with the PRESIDENTIAL / PRIME MINISTER  teams of PERU, COLUMBIA, VIETNAM, PERU, CHILE, SOUTH AFRICA, TURKEY, UKRAINE, POLAND, SWEDEN, as well as with U.S. Ambassador Thomas Pickering and other United States political figures.

In Los Angeles my practice evolved to include clients in Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Fashion, Athletics, Organic Foods, and more.

I acted as Marketing Director—and still consult with—LEXIM GLOBAL, an international technology developer that creates apps, enterprise ecommerce sites, and ERP software with strong ties to Asian markets.

I partnered with GLAUSER LIFE SCIENCES in the launch of a natural anxiety supplement designed alongside top researchers, medical doctors, and professors in anxiety neuroscience from leading universities. We successfully launched Levium over 147% funded and "Trending In New York City's Most Popular Indiegogo Campaigns".

I currently dabble in screenwriting and production projects, while consulting with well-known L.A. production houses like SUPER DELUXE—the makers of Adult Swim—working specifically on their series ALTERED STATES, consulting in the production of content pushing "instant enlightenment" to the millennial generation.

Origin Story

I started out my career in Digital Marketing & Media Production producing video for advertising shoots for SF STATION, GOODBY SILVERSTEIN & PARTNERS, and RESONATE SOCIAL in San Francisco.

I trained in Journalism & Column Writing with SF Chronicle's Tom Graham, the longtime Editor for Pulitzer Prize-Winning Herb Caen.

I gained a degree in English from UC BERKELEY with additional training and certifications in Digital Media, Technology, and Marketing.

My first job out of college was as Digital Curator, diving for marketable images in California's largest 19th century lithography library at CHROMOLITHOGRAPH. I worked for comparable rates alongside disgruntled software developers in Nob Hill who—just month's earlier, before the Dot Com Crash—were making $250 an hour for coughing out simple html websites with horrible design! I learned what I could from them and got my feet wet in the early days of Google Advertising.

I travelled the world at that point, opting to remove myself from an America wrapped up in Bush Jr.'s Iraq War. I spent 2 years living in Europe, telling most people I was from "California" or "San Francisco". One old Basque man replied, "Oh! That's close to the United States, right?" Pretty close.

I was an English Teacher and Business Language Coach for european executives getting ready for international conferences. I played guitar and surfed in the Basque Country of Spain, picked grapes in the wine country of France, and ended up following a Swedish girl to her homeland. But I missed the American sense of humor and real diversity, despite waning ideals, and returned home.

I'm a published journalist on the subject of consciousness and countercultures like hippies and surfers with pieces appearing in Reality Sandwich Magazine and other publications.

Travel, adventure, meditation, yoga, Yi Chuan kung fu, surfing, writing, and playing classical guitar get me pumped in my hours of creative leisure.