Client Spotlight: New York Vocal Coaching


Client Spotlight: New York Vocal Coaching

New York Vocal Coaching has created an empire in Manhattan circling around Vocal Coaching for celebrities, broadway stars, and regular folks like you and me.

We worked on Facebook Marketing and initiated and SEO-informed tuned up of their popular Youtube Channel which now has over 16 MILLION VIEWS.

Justin Stoney, the Founder of New York Vocal Coaching, is an internationally-recognized Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach. One of the leading Voice Teachers in today’s music industry, he has appeared on the NBC Today Show, CBS, Fox News, Fox 5 New York, The Insider, and frequently as a guest on Huffington Post Live’s interviews of celebrity singers. His teaching has been featured in publications such as Esquire Magazine, Newsweek/The Daily Beast, SELF, NME, Fox News Magazine, Discovery News, Medical Daily, UK’s Daily Mail, Tech Times, and Backstage Magazine. Backstage readers also voted Mr. Stoney as one of New York City’s best Voice Teachers and Vocal Coaches.


New Client Spotlight: WEST OF NOBLE - High End Furniture Design, Los Angeles


New Client Spotlight: WEST OF NOBLE - High End Furniture Design, Los Angeles

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West of Noble offers furniture designed out of their Los Angeles studio with an aesthetic guided by a respect for simplicity and sound craftsmanship—with room for unique and authentic pieces that only a deep understanding of material, and chance, can bring.

The firm was founded on a windy riverfront street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn by Designer and itinerant woodworker, Greg Mitchell in 2011, inspired by a lifetime of creative pursuits, musical and literary influences, impecunious stretches with odd jobs, barely running vintage cars, South American surf travel, and the support of friends and family, without whom the project would not exist.

Featured in New York Magazine, Time Out L.A., and Time Out New York...West Of Noble Exhibitions have been seen in ABC Home, West Elm, Architectural Digest’s Made Modern, and Kaufmann Mercantile.

Homeowners, design geeks, press outlets, and interior design firms appreciate their constantly evolving body of work. Like us, they don’t like seeing the same piece twice. Fortunately the unpredictable nature of real hand-made woodworking keeps things interesting even when we’re called to replicate their most popular work.

Check out Furniture Designer Greg Mitchell’s WEST OF NOBLE at:







Meditation is a great tool for artists and creatives alike.

Altered states have been central to the experience and creation of art since we started painting in caves thousands of years ago. You might say that it’s the artist’s task to document heightened perceptions and share them with the world—perhaps, in turn, altering the audiences worldview. Various substances have been used to attain such states, but they aren’t necessary. 

Here’s one small step towards a shift in consciousness that may inspire your own artistic practice.

Practice Open Eye Meditation. 

Start by staring at an object in the room or a single point on a wall. Focus inside the lines of the object, or intensely at one point.

Now keep your eyes on the object but be aware of the space around it. Don’t move your eyes, but look at the whole room.

Then go back to only being aware of the object. Then the room. Object. Room. Object. Room.

Eventually you’ll develop a heightened form of vision that uses more of your peripheral vision, a relaxed focus, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of all elements in your environment. Including you.


Original Article: Origins of the Soul Surfer


Original Article: Origins of the Soul Surfer


What is the Soul Surfer?

First coined in the 1960s, it denotes a surfer with an apparent ability to merge with the wave. They surf for sheer joy, revering the ocean and living a simple life.

All who look upon the Soul Surfer’s sweet style are healed. He or she may not be the most radical shredder, but all are moved and influenced by their somatic expressions.

The concept can be applied to various other arts where the practitioner is recognized for having that “something special”. Even a marathon runner can be a Soul Runner if form and spirit are emphasized.

But surfing is special. It has overtly spiritual roots.

All surfers would be Soul Surfers had the original Hawaiian tradition been passed on intact. Alas, the X-treme! sportsman flaunts a grotesque mutation of the founding spirit.  

The kahuna’s of Hawaii used surfing as a religious tool, paddling out to honor the god Lono and others, expressing gratitude, and demonstrating spiritual power through extraordinary feats.

The kahunas were shamans, wizards, and experts of art and healing. They chanted spells to christen new surfboards, beckon swells,  and invoke courage.

Ancient Hawaii was ruled by a code, kapudenoting sacred, holy, marked-off or forbidden. Kapu regulated eating, cultivation of food crops, weather prediction, surfboard building, surf conditions prediction, and even surf condition manipulation through calling on the gods. If there were no waves, you made them—with a little divine assistance.

Indeed surfing was called The Sport of Kings, as chiefs were the ones riding the biggest waves. There were certain reefs and breaks “marked-off” for royalty, while others were for the people. If by chance your were surfing near those of royal blood, it was the gravest of offenses to drop in on them. (For non-surfers that means catching a wave that someone else is already riding, a real no-no to this day.)

Commoners had boards that were about 12 feet long, while those of chiefs and royalty were often up to 24 feet. (Size mattered, as did the motion in the ocean.)  

Colonization brought a gradual end the kapu system. By the 1800's Calvinist missionaries were insisting that the Hawaiians wear restrictive clothing, go to western schools, and get serious. Surfing was discouraged, although missionaries claimed that native Hawaiians simply lost interest in it after living modest Christian lives. Bullshit!

James D. Houston and Ben Finney writes in Surfing: A History of the Ancient Hawaiian Sport:

“For surfing, the abolition of the traditional religion signaled the end of surfing’s sacred aspects. With surf chants, board construction rites, sports gods and other sacred elements removed, the once ornate sport of surfing was stripped of much of its cultural plumage.”

But the Soul Surfer carries the almost extinguished torch towards the horizon, reminding us what all surfers could be, or already are—wave-riding wizards, killer kahunas, gnarly nobles, and shredding shamans. 



From Polynesia With Love
The History of Surfing From Captain Cook to the Present
By Ben Marcus


Super Deluxe "Altered States" Series


Super Deluxe "Altered States" Series

I consulted on a series for SUPER DELUXE, a content incubator created by the people who brought you Adult Swim.

Super Deluxe is a subsidiary of TIME WARNER. They focus on producing compelling content "just outside the mainstream".

They brought me in because of my interest and journalism surrounding yoga, meditation, and weird facts. The series is mostly just fun, geared towards millennials, peppered with facts and expert opinions.

Our Role: Production Consultant

Writing, Production, Episodic Ideation.

Results: 500K+ Series Youtube Views

I'm the defacto lucid dreaming expert in the episode below. Tongue in cheek title: "Dream Journalist".