Meditation is a great tool for artists and creatives alike.

Altered states have been central to the experience and creation of art since we started painting in caves thousands of years ago. You might say that it’s the artist’s task to document heightened perceptions and share them with the world—perhaps, in turn, altering the audiences worldview. Various substances have been used to attain such states, but they aren’t necessary. 

Here’s one small step towards a shift in consciousness that may inspire your own artistic practice.

Practice Open Eye Meditation. 

Start by staring at an object in the room or a single point on a wall. Focus inside the lines of the object, or intensely at one point.

Now keep your eyes on the object but be aware of the space around it. Don’t move your eyes, but look at the whole room.

Then go back to only being aware of the object. Then the room. Object. Room. Object. Room.

Eventually you’ll develop a heightened form of vision that uses more of your peripheral vision, a relaxed focus, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of all elements in your environment. Including you.