Los Angeles, California

Writer, Producer, and Alchemical Strategy Consultant based in Los Angeles.

Currently I'm developing content that explores or enhances HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS. This includes movie scripts in development, a web TV series, and marketing consulting for innovators in diverse fields. 

I prefer to work with people who care. I call my network of professionals, creatives, and visionaries "Team Give-A-Shit". Because we care.

Recent projects include work for GLAUSER LIFE SCIENCES, a biohacking nutraceutical developer.  With top university PhDs and Beverly Hills top Addiction Doctors on board, Glauser is focusing on products that curb anxiety by mediating neurological chemistry. I develop and execute lead generation programs, email campaigns, and social media strategy. 

I acted as Marketing Director of—and still consult with—LEXIM GLOBAL, a digital agency and technology developer. I managed marketing for clients that includes SEO, SEM, Adwords, Social Media Advertising, & Email Marketing for clients in fashion, finance, and media. As a broad digital strategy role, I also oversaw global teams of web developers guiding development of software, web and mobile applications.  

In New York, I worked with tech legend BETAWORKS, a venture capital firm and startup studio. I launched the Vibe mobile app,  as the Marketing and Community Manager, planning South By Southwest Interactive events. We gained coverage in TechCrunch, Betabeat, Time, Reuters, and the New York Times.

While in New York, I consulted with HOUSE OF 950, a fashion brand founded by  designers formerly with Thakoon and Bless. I developed digital content, gaining traction in numerous fashion blogs. In addition, I got to help organize live New York Fashion Week events!

Media Projects

East Coast media endeavors included Marketing Consulting for New York Times Best-Selling Author and TV Host, Daniel Pinchbeck, for his REALITY SANDWICH MAGAZINE.   I also consulted with OCCUPY.COM a site that celebrated the Occupy Wall Street movement with beautiful imagery and independent journalism.

Additional media clients include Emmy-nominated 3 SISTERS PICTURES, veteran producers for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, HBO, MTV, Travel Channel, and more—managing their digital content.

International Adventures

The INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ALLIANCE (IEA) brings together international heads of state and business leaders to showcase global investment opportunities at the Harvard Club in NYC on the occasion of the United Nations Assembly.

I manage IEA communications, email, marketing content, and event programming for the Global Investment Symposium and other year-round events. I  worked with Heads of State including the President of Chile, the President of Peru, the President of Ukraine (former), the President of Kenya, the Prime Minister of Vietnam, and the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I also volunteer for Global Mission of Peace, a non-profit that channels funding into humanitarian projects that range from eco-villages to scientific solutions to climate change.

Origin Story

I graduated from UC BERKELEY with an English degree, complementing my degree with training in journalism, video, and digital media. I trained in column-writing under journalist Tom Graham, San Francisco Chronicle veteran and editor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Herb Caen. 

I started my digital path while promoting my rock and roll band, Parts For People, which played at venues like the Fillmore in San Francisco, with bands like Sonic Youth and Band of Horses. While working as a Life Skills Coach for the developmentally disabled community (The ARC SF), I trained in digital media, eventually scoring my first gigs with ad agencies and online magazines.


Video increasingly lived online, so I shifted into digital content creation and storytelling via social media.  I then  worked for PAXTON GATE, an architectural design firm, managing Facebook, email marketing, events, and video. I honed my social media chops with Resonate Social, one of the first social media marketing agencies on the west coast.

At RESONATE SOCIAL MEDIA I developed social media content—twitter, blogs, facebook—for inspiring brands like GEORGE HOWELL COFFEE and CLOVER ORGANIC MILK. I produced video and assisted on our web-radio show featuring social media moguls such as Guy Kawasaki, Scott Stratton, Jay Baer, and Peter Shankman. 


While living in San Francisco, I co-founded San Francisco's ARTLARKING. The company, inhabiting both the arts and technology spaces, developed a social networking site where artists call for collaborators on creative projects—a sort of "creative classifieds". We threw sold out sponsored art and entertainment events at galleries and venues across the city that combined art, film, and technology. Co-founders went on to develop Flipcause, a platform for non-profit fundraising. 

Up Close And Personal

I get inspired by traveling. Right after college I lived in Spain, Sweden, France, and Japan over the course of 2 years. I taught English, picked grapes in the French wine harvest, played guitar, and coached European business professionals for upcoming international conferences.

I'm a UC Berkeley Alumnus & Lothlorien Elf, Former Mariner Sea Scout, Dana Hills Surf Team Honoree (Most Inspirational / Scholar Athlete) and Valedictorian, and Yi Chuan Kung Fu practitioner. I'm a meditation teacher and love sharing mental tools with people that can better their lives.

My first job was assembling high-end broadcast television video equipment, at 12 years old, in my dad's electronic engineering firm Cottonwood Communications.

Surfing and working on screenwriting projects get me pumped in my spare time. 

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